OKLAHOMA CITY - Day 3 of the statewide walkout drew the largest crowd yet with about 35,000 people present, OHP told News 9. 

Those advocating for more public education funding hope those numbers will grow on Thursday.

While there's a lot of excitement with so many people gathering at the Capitol, on the other side, there is a lot of concern as supporters rally for more. 

Since the start of the rally, the amount of people inside has continued to climb, forcing troopers to shut down the Capitol and to implement a one-in, one-out policy.

The state fire marshal told News 9 the capacity at the Capitol is to about 1,620 due to construction.

Because of the long lines, many people were sitting, pinching off access to halls and stairwells in the event of an evacuation. 

Fire marshals are now closely monitoring occupancy numbers.  

They say the potential for "trampling" is a big concern.

Getting to the steps of the Capitol may be a little more difficult Thursday with every charter bus in the city already booked.

Buses will only run only from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. to Remington Park due to the charter bus shortage.