OKLAHOMA CITY - Western Heights teachers are still voicing frustrations with an administration, teachers say not only have abandoned them, but are now threatening teachers.

Mikayla Morgan teaches History and coaches the cheerleaders at Western Heights Middle School. She also waits tables at a restaurant in Oklahoma City. She was one of around three dozen Western Heights teachers who walked out of school on Tuesday, a day after the district’s superintendent and school board ordered them back to class.

Morgan showed News 9 an email, she said, she received from Western Heights’ Middle School Principal Tuesday morning. It reads, “This is a breach of your contract. We will be sending a letter.”  

Morgan said it was troubling.

“It was heartbreaking. And it made me nervous. But I just tried to push it aside and focus on my students,” she said. 

Assistant Superintendent Brayden Savage said 93 percent of the District’s 260 teachers showed up for work Wednesday. She also said she was unaware of any teachers being reprimanded or threatened.