A month ago, in this segment, I said "I don't blame Oklahoma school teachers for threatening a school shutdown, in fact, I think they've shown remarkable patience over the last several years."

That's what I said March 6, long before any protest signs were made, or buses were chartered. And yet our crews at the Capitol tell me one of the people at Monday's teacher walkout had a sign proclaiming me "Public Enemy #1".

I don't know if that was a teacher or not, but they clearly haven't done their homework on me.

And there was this one, "Mr. Ogle... know the facts before you share your opinion. And it says #fundingoverraises."

I know the facts, and I agree with the legislatures' decision to give teachers a pay raise first. They're the most important resource we have in the classroom.

Most of the angst directed at me is because I mentioned my concern that the teachers might lose public support if they staged a protracted walkout after lawmakers gave them a raise.

I will say they've done a very good job of sticking to the message about funding our schools the way they should be and still seem to have the public's support - that's good.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.