OKLAHOMA CITY - On most Sunday nights, Sheila Thompson’s second grade students are packing their backpacks for her class at Lee Elementary.

This week however, Thompson is the one packing up supplies. 

Thompson and her coworkers will go to the Oklahoma Capitol Monday morning to demand more education funding.

“We are meeting at our school at eight at Lee and the majority of our teachers are going,” Thompson said.

The group Thompson is going with will be stationed on the south side of the Capitol.

Thompson says for her this isn’t about a raise, it’s about funding for a classroom she’s watched deteriorate over 14 years.

“We are in a very high poverty school where I teach, so that’s a challenge,” Thompson said.

As single mother, Thompson she’s worked multiple jobs, and has spent her own money on school supplies and food for her students. 

When the prospect of a walkout came up, Thompson says she had hesitations initially.

She isn’t a member of any union or teacher’s organization, but says she had to stand up for students.

“If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that this was going to happen, I would not have believed it, but here we are,” Thompson said.