Now, she's breaking her silence.

In a sit-down interview that aired across the country Tuesday night, Chasity Carey maintains that she acted in self-defense.

"I was in shock when I saw the video. It made me look like a monster," she said.

This all dates back to a shooting in August at Carey's office with Brandon Williams.

Surveillance video documents the encounter up until Williams steps out of frame and is shot.

According to reports, Carey was trying to revoke Williams's bond when a scuffle followed.

Carey said Williams was trying to run past her and escape onto a balcony when she grabbed a gun from her desk and shot hit him in the back

"It was in the back, but it was in self-defense," she said.

Carey's attorney in this case, Jarrod Stevenson, said if the jury was given the option, they would've convicted Carey of manslaughter.