OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro father is in jail accused of abusing his three-month-old child.

Police arrested Deion Reed, 21, Monday night. The infant boy is listed in critical condition at a local hospital and has head trauma.

One witness said she will never get the image of the lifeless child out of her mind. 

“It still bothers me,” said Amanda White, witness. “I worry and pray for the child.”   

White watched from an office building across the street. She did not know what was going on inside the apartment near Northwest 50th and Brookline Avenue Monday afternoon, until paramedics came out with a stretcher.

“When a baby came out,” said White. “It was just like, it was very shocking.”

She said the young parents were also outside. She remembers seeing the baby's father, Reed visibly upset.

The infant was rushed to Children's Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

“It appears that the male abused the child to the point of nearly killing him,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department.  

Detectives interviewed Reed at the hospital, they learned the baby's injuries were not accidental and arrested Reed. He was booked into jail on two complaints of child abuse.

Witnesses knew it was serious when police came out to the apartments Tuesday morning.  

“I assumed something really bad happened,” said White. “Because the crime scene investigators were there this morning.”

This mother hopes her message can prevent future tragic abuse.

“It’s OK to call for help if they’re frustrated,” said White. “Or walk away when their baby is more than they can handle.”

Police said the father does not have a prior arrest record and he does not have any criminal charges in other counties.