PUTNAM CITY, Oklahoma - The Putnam City School District is making plans for the possibility of a teacher walkout on April 2.

In a release issued Tuesday morning, the district announced that they will be closed on Monday, April 2, to allow teachers, parents, students and staff to call lawmakers and push for solutions.

From there, the release states, the district has made plans to allow schools to remain out the rest of the week. Parents and students will be notified whether or not there will be school on the district and school websites, social media and phone calls. The release did not indicate what actions the district will take if the issue is not resolved after the first week.

The Oklahoma House passed a measure allocating $447 million to fund raises for teachers and state employees.

In a statement Monday night, the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) said the bill was a step in the right direction, but not enough to prevent the walkout.