NORMAN, Oklahoma - With all due respect to the NCAA Tournament, you could also use March Madness to describe Kyler Murray's month.

Once again juggling two sports, but a year older and a year wiser.

"Being a little more experienced, knowing how the football and baseball situation is going to go, so for me, yeah, I'm a little more comfortable in the situation I'm in," Murray said.

A backup in both sports a season ago, Murray has cemented his spot in center while slugging .432 with 3 homers and 17 RBIs. All the while preparing to be Baker Mayfield's his free time.

"It's exciting, you want to have an impact on the team and obviously this year it's more me having an impact on the team as far as football and baseball goes, so for me, I try to take it one day at a time and just compete," Murray said.

When asked which sport comes easier for him, Murray said he's more comfortable on the football field, the mental and physical aspects of football can be tricky, but he can wake up and throw a football.