OKLAHOMA CITY - A brazen carjacking Friday afternoon resulted in the victim also being run over with her own car. 

It happened outside the Midwest Party Kwik Shop near Will Rogers Parkway and Meridian. 

Surveillance video shows the victim walked into the store without turning her car off, or locking her car doors.  Another woman quickly got into the car, and attempted to drive away. 

When the victim—who police say is 8 months pregnant—tried to prevent the car theft, she was dragged and run over with her own vehicle.

“Right now there is not a definite suspect description,” Police Spokesman Gary Knight said. 

Police said the victim suffered a broken leg, and was transported to Integris Baptist Hospital.

Corey Shaw was shopping nearby with his wife Karen and his son Jesse when he heard the news.

“Whoever did this is a scum and I hope the lady is alright and that God stays with her,” Shaw said.