OKLAHOMA CITY - Before sunrise on December 21, court documents showed suspect Ladon Russell waited in a vehicle while Koryaun Jackson, Terron Johnson and an unknown white male hopped the fence at American Sanitation on South Santa Fe in Oklahoma City.

Police said they were waiting for employees John Butler and Canesha Greene to arrive.

And when the couple pulled in, one suspect reportedly hit Butler in the head with a baseball bat. And documents said Greene was still in their truck when another started trying to smash the window, and another pointed a gun.

Police said Greene ran over one of the suspects, Jackson, who later died.

And in the months following the attack, American Sanitation owner Bob Hall said everyone was on edge.

“We’ve taken extra precautions,” Hall told News 9.

Thursday, newly filed court documents revealed who was allegedly behind the assault.

Witnesses claimed Abayomi “Monte” Reid created the plan, provided the bats, and said he would pay the four suspects for the actions.

Reid is reportedly Greene's ex. And an arrest warrant said the two were in a child custody battle.

Now Reid, Russell, and Johnson are in the Oklahoma County Jail, held without bond.

The two victims said feel relieved and thankful these people are in custody.