GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - Crews are cleaning up, after a wildfire burned 80 acres of Grady County Thursday afternoon.

No one was injured in the fire, but flames crept dangerously close to some homes on 82nd Street near the Norman Spur.

Homeowner Loretta Morris decided to evacuate with her family.

“One thing I knew it was on the south side of the turnpike, then the next thing I knew it was three houses down from us,” said Morris. 

Three structures, a deck, and five vehicles on Morris’ property were destroyed. 

“My daughter was here and she said that she’d seen it and she could hear it all crackling and popping and stuff like that,” said Morris.

None of the neighbors’ homes were hurt either.

“No homes have been damaged and nobody’s been displaced at this point,” said Bridge Creek Fire Chief John Craft.

The 80-acre fire actually started on the south side of Highway 9 and jumped across thanks to heavy winds.

Craft said someone was burning outside, and that controlled burn quickly became a wildfire.

“Until it greens up, these are the conditions we’re all dealing with. Our resources are thin,” said Craft.

Hardworking crews from numerous districts killed the flames within about three hours, but they don’t want to deal with this type of thing again if it can be prevented.

“Don’t do any outdoor burning. Minimize any kind of outdoor flame,” said Craft.

Investigators say it’s too early to determine if the person who started the burn will face any consequences. 

There was no burn ban in effect for Grady County Thursday.