NICOMA PARK, Oklahoma - Accused of kidnapping his own wife with an AR-15, a man is in Oklahoma County Jail after a six-hour long standoff with law enforcement.

Neighbors were told to evacuate Sunday night around 11:00, and said they saw two men arguing in the street.

“And then the police came to our house and said, ‘Get out fast.’ I said it will take me a min. I have a disabled daughter. He said, ‘Get out fast,’” said neighbor Scharlene Moore.

Those living next door said they think the fight involved custody issues, and that they heard children screaming inside the home.

Officers said 34-year-old Michael Allen Briggs held the riffle to his wife’s head and refused to let her go. They said the two are married through common law.

Briggs was taking her muscle relaxers, according to the victim, and at some point, he fired a few rounds at the floor near her.

Investigators said they did everything they could to keep this standoff from turning deadly.

“Keep him on the phone, keep her on the phone, keep the situation calm and getting them to come out of the phone, ending the situation peacefully,” said Public Information Officer of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Mark Opgrande.

“Then the police came in, and they surrounded this gray house. One was standing at the corner, some went to the back and then here come some more with their guns pulled. We knew it was serious,” Moore said.

Someone living next door said Briggs broke into his home a while back and has even tried to fight with random people he meets on the streets.

Midwest City police said last September, they were called to a Walmart for a welfare check involving Briggs. They said there were concerns involving his mental state and he voluntarily checked into a hospital.

No one was physically hurt, according to investigators.

Briggs is jailed on complaints of Domestic Violence, Kidnapping, Felony Pointing of a Firearm, Possession of a Firearm Under the Influence and Obstruction.