OKLAHOMA CITY - If you're looking to adopt a pet, Saturday might be your lucky day, and not just because it's St. Patrick's Day.

Celebrate St. Patty's Day by bringing some luck to a homeless pet. All dog, cat, puppy and kitten adoptions will be free during the “St. PAW-trick's Day” event at OKC Animal Welfare on Southeast 29th Street.

“Right now, we have over 450 animals in the building. Tomorrow available for adoption we will have about 120 to 150 depending on how many get adopted today,” said Jon Gary, Superintendent for Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

Adoptable animals are already microchipped, treated for worms, up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed or neutered.

"Our normal adoption fees are $60 and if they do more than one, they drop to $30. And if they've been here in the program for two weeks they're also $30, or if they're over the age of four,” said Gary.

Events similar to this one had hundreds of people waiting in line when the doors opened. So, if you want to get first pick, be sure and get there early.

Gary said, “It's great to see the support from the community. To know these animals are wanted in the community. We just have to do what we can to help our community recognize that they're here and that we need their assistance.”

The shelter’s hope is to see every animal that's available get a new home during Saturday’s event.

Adoptions will start at noon and end at 5:30 p.m.