OKLAHOMA CITY - Social media tips helped Oklahoma City police quickly identify a man accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl as a gas station on the southwest side of the metro.

Police posted surveillance images of the suspect on their Facebook page, and say that they were able to positively identify that person within an hour.

The alleged crime took place on Monday, March 1, at a gas station near SW 89th Street and S. Pennsylvania Avenue, around 3 p.m.

According to the report, the 14-year-old victim and her mother stopped for gas and the teen went inside to get a soda. The victim told police she first noticed the suspect staring as he stood by his car outside. And she said he followed her into the store.

Inside the store, the victim said the suspect continued to stare at her, and followed her around making sexually suggestive remarks. Then, the victim said, the suspect grabbed her on the butt and continued making remarks.

A clerk at the store soon intervened, asking the suspect if he needed help with anything, the report stated. The suspect then took off, leaving the gas station in a “beat up” gray 90s-model vehicle.

So far, police have not said if the suspect has been taken into custody and they have not yet publicly released his name.