OKLAHOMA CITY - As a potential teacher walkout approaches, more facilities are announcing services for students.

Officials with the City of Oklahoma City said in the event of a walkout beginning April 2, the parks department will extend operating hours at nine recreation centers. And the Oklahoma City Zoo will host all-day camps for students ages 4-11.

The following centers will be open for students from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays, according to city officials.

  • Douglass Recreation Center, 900 N Frederick Douglass Ave., (405) 297-1416 (EMBARK Route 022 to MLK and Douglass plus 3 blocks)
  • Macklanburg Recreation Center, 2234 NW 117th Street, (405) 297-1428 (EMBARK Route 005 to NW 188th and Penn)
  • Melrose Recreation Center, 7800 W Melrose Lane, (405) 297-1431 (EMBARK Route 038 to Council and Melrose plus 3 blocks)
  • Minnis Lakeview Recreation Center, 12520 NE 36th Street, (405) 297-1432 (EMBARK Route 019 to NE 36th and Smith)
  • Pilot Recreation Center, 1435 NW 2nd Street, (405) 297-1438 (EMBARK Route 009 to Main and McKinley plus 2 blocks)
  • Pitts Recreation Center, 1920 N Kate Ave., (405) 297-1440 (EMBARK Route 002 to NE 20th and Lottie plus 2 blocks)
  • Schilling Recreation Center, 539 SE 25th Street, (405) 297-1442 (EMBARK Route 011 to SE 25th and Central pluls 2 blocks)
  • Sellers Recreation Center, 8301 S Villa Ave., (405) 297-1445 (EMBARK Route 016 to SW 82nd Penn plus 6 blocks)
  • Southern Oaks Recreation Center, 400 SW 66th Street, (405) 297-1449 (EMBARK Route 040 to SW 67th and Walker plus 3 blocks)

The parks department is working on a plan with the Oklahoma City Public School District and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma (regionalfoodbank.org/supportstudents) to provide meals for students at the recreation centers.

Those interested in attending camps at the zoo are required to register and pay in advance. The camps run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. All campers are required to bring a copy of their immunizations as well. The cost is $45 per child per day. Snacks are provided but campers must bring their lunch.

Learn more about camps at the zoo. (www.okczoo.org)