OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma Attorney General, Mike Hunter proposed a new way to execute prison inmates who have been sentenced to death, and have run out of appeals, Wednesday.

Oklahoma hasn’t executed anyone since 2015, because of legal and practical issues involving lethal injection.  

There are 49 death row inmates in Oklahoma, and 16 of them have run out of appeals.

Hunter is proposing something called “Inert Gas Inhalation,” or I.G.I. He says a death row inmate would have a gas mask strapped onto his face, then administered a lethal amount of gas.  He says the method has been used for years in the United States and overseas to administer assisted suicides.  He says it’s painless.

“We can no longer sit on the sidelines and wait to find drugs,” Hunter said. “Using an I.G.I. will be effective, simple to administer, simple to obtain, and requires no complex medical procedures.” 

Death Penalty Opponents argue I.G.I is inhumane.

Edmond Minister Don Heath said “It’s never been done in any state.  A cruder form of it was done in the gas chambers of World War II.”