OKLAHOMA CITY - Two current students at U.S. Grant High School allowed a former student, who was armed with a gun, into the school on Thursday, officials say.

School administrators say the two current students, who have not been named, allowed the former student into the school through a side door. He did not enter in through the front, “where security protocols are in place”, a spokesperson for Oklahoma City Public Schools said.

OKCPS security verified the entrance the suspect entered through and learned that the two current students were “coordinating” with the suspect through text messages.

Officials tell News 9 the current students have been disciplined according to the OKCPS Student Code of Conduct rules. Details of the extent of their discipline was not disclosed.

The former student has only been identified as a 16-year-old male.

OKCPS Acting Superintendent Rebecca Kaye released the following statement regarding this incident: hat we hope you’ll also share with your audience:

Yesterday’s events brought to the forefront the importance of planning and preparedness. Safety is always our first and highest ethical responsibility. While it hurts that the world we live in requires our students and staff to practice for these situations, yesterday’s incident is proof that the drills we conduct are necessary. It is also proof that the investments we make to constantly learn and improve our security measures are important. This should only reinforce for all of our students and families that we must understand and follow all security protocols. Every day – not just when it is convenient or when the person breaking the rules is a stranger. We must also recommit to being vigilant. If you see something, please say something. You don’t have to be right. Just tell someone, so the right people can investigate. We have to stick together.