OKLAHOMA CITY - Teachers across the state are holding firm to a planned walk out.

Unless lawmakers meet their needs, the Oklahoma Education Association said come April 2, they won't be in class.

Teachers with the OEA, one of the largest teacher's unions in the state, originally posted on Facebook with a deadline of April 23, then later announced they were ready to act now. 

Teachers are hoping to put the pressure on lawmakers with a long lists of demands. 

If the budget doesn't include a meaningful pay raise for teachers and support professionals and additional funding to restore cuts to Oklahoma classrooms OEA is calling for statewide school closures.

Legislative leaders hope to present revenue bills to pay for teacher raises in the next week or so.  

However, rather than failed efforts to raise taxes to give teachers pay raises, now, lawmakers are considering reducing the amount of taxes teachers have to pay.

Those breaks may include exempting teachers In the state from income tax.

Lawmakers say even those changes will only put a dent on the problem.

With school closure looming, the OEA will hold a press conference Thursday, outlining its timeline leading up to the school closures.