A defense attorney says a Maine woman charged with murder in her 10-year-old daughter's death is being abused in jail. The 33-year-old mother is 7 months pregnant, according to reports by CBS affiliate WGME.

Attorney Chris MacLean told WCSH-TV that Sharon Carrillo shouldn't be in jail, and that there is not always enough staff to keep her safe. 

Col. James Bailey, administrator of the Two Bridges Jail in Wiscasset, says Sharon Carrillo is in protective custody at the jail. He said he's not aware of any security concerns or reports of abuse. 

Authorities say Carrillo and her husband, 51-year-old Julio Carrillo, repeatedly beat Marissa Kennedy before her death last month. 

MacLean says Sharon Carrillo was also the victim of "horrific abuse" and called Julio Carrillo "a complete monster." 

Sharon Carillo's father, Joe Kennedy, spoke to WGME reporters Tuesday from his home in upstate New York, sharing his grief over his granddaughter's death. 

"She was the joy of our lives and a wonderful young girl who had a smile that would light up a room," he told the station. "This should not happen to anyone let along a 10 year-old. We need to stop child abuse."

According to court documents, the Carillos beat Marissa with numerous objects, including a mop. The couple allegedly told police that Marissa was so badly injured she could barely walk, and slurred her words before she died.