OKLAHOMA CITY - Three men break into an Oklahoma City apartment and stab a woman inside, according to police.

Victims said they ran from the unit, and tried to find someone with a phone who could call for help. Normally, News 9 would give you a description of those involved, but the two women said they couldn't get a good look at their attackers.

They were reportedly wearing Halloween masks. While this happened back on February 23, Oklahoma City Police released 911 tapes of the incident Monday, March 5.

Here is one man who dialed 911 around noon:

Dispatch: "Oklahoma City, 911."

Caller: "Uh, yeah I just came by in my car NW 23rd and Utah, in front of the pawn shop. There are a couple of women that are yelling will you call the police please?”

Soon, dispatch received another call, but this time from one of the victims.

Dispatch: "Oklahoma City 911."

Caller: "Hi, my girlfriend has been stabbed.”

Moments before, the two women said three men charged in their apartment, hitting one woman in the face, stabbing another in her abdomen and hand. That victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and investigators say she may face surgery.

Victims told police they had only lived there for a few days; a friend was letting them live there.

They add the three men took off in a maroon older model getaway vehicle, and they don't think they were the target.

Dispatch: "Do they know who stabbed her?"

Woman: "No, we were just jumped."

Dispatch: "And the people that did it, are they still there?"

Woman: "No mam, they went into an apartment."

Dispatch: "They went into an apartment?'

Woman: "They went into our apartment.”

Woman: "Yeah, I don't know these people. I don't even think it was for us. It was for the people that stayed there.”

Officers served a warrant on the property, but so far have no word on any arrests. Victims report there have been attacks at this apartment before.