An Oklahoma congressman is weighing in on the debate over gun control, saying video games and Hollywood are to blame for mass shootings. 

Congressman Steve Russell, who owns a gun manufacturing company, wrote in a newsletter this weekend he wants to see the debate on gun violence expanded. 

In that letter, he said broadening the conversation "means Hollywood not getting a pass to condemn such acts while perpetuating such behavior on the screen. It means our video gaming industry admitting that they may have a role in altering mental abhorrence to violence."

He also lamented the resistance to Christian values in schools as another cause of violence. 

Russell's statement echoes an old line from gun-control opponents to move the conversation off of guns when talking about gun violence. Just last week, Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin said the same thing on Fox News. 

Despite the rhetoric from members of Congress, experts have not been able to prove a link between violence in movies, video games or on TV.