ASHER, Oklahoma - The family of a reserve officer with Asher’s Police Department, who was killed three weeks ago in a fiery car crash, got a small bit of closure this past weekend in Oklahoma City. 

Jarate Condit, 23, was on his way to Shawnee for police training when the Asher Police cruiser he was driving hit black ice, ran off the road, and exploded February 6th. Condit’s family attended the annual Leake Auto Auction at the Bennett Event Center in OKC over the weekend, and were the high-bidder for a 45-year-old restored Texas Police cruiser. 

Richard Rawlings of the Discovery Channel’s “Fast and Loud” fame restored the vehicle at his shop in Dallas himself. Jarate Condit’s mother Terri says when Rawlings heard Jarate’s story Saturday, Rawlings and his investing partner Dennis Collins donated more than thirty-thousand dollars to an Alzheimer’s charity. 

Condit said the family bought the car to honor her son, but they will also use it to teach Jarate’s 2-year-old son Graysen about his father.

“Exactly like his daddy, I mean he’s a spitting image of him you know, his legacy will live on through Graysen, and Graysen is just two, but he will know all about his daddy,” she said. 

A BancFirst Trust fund has been established in Graysen Frazier’s name.