OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are investigating two officer-involved shootings that happened only hours apart. Four officers are on paid administrative leave.

Three officers were involved in a shootout with Todd Heinen, 37, and one officer shot and killed Taylor Haydon, 26, in a northwest Oklahoma City hotel.

Officers were first called to a home in southwest Oklahoma City around 6:30 p.m. Sunday night. Neighbors said Heinen had been drinking and fired his gun, allegedly at his young child and wife.

“All kinds of fracas started after that,” said Armenta Richardson, neighbor.

When officers arrived to the home, Heinen shot at them. Three officers fired their guns at the suspect.

During the shootout, Heinen was hit and an officer narrowly dodged a serious injury as a bullet hit his taser. The suspect fled in his car and was later found at a nearby fire station.

“I know how he is,” said Richardson. “He’s a mess.”

Five hours later, an officer was called to a hotel in northwest Oklahoma City. Employees reported a homeless man was inside asking guests for money. The officer found Haydon on the third floor of the hotel.

“The suspect pulled a knife and started to confront the officer,” said Capt. Bo Mathews, Oklahoma City Police Department. “The officer gave commands for the suspect to drop the knife but he didn’t, he continued to go towards the officer.”

The officer fired at Haydon and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital from the gunshot wounds.

Hotel management said none of the employees or guests were harmed during the incident.

Police said it is unusual to have two officer-involved shootings in such a short time span.

“I think last year we had eight officer-involved shootings with the thousands of contacts we make with citizens each and every for 365 days a year,” said Mathews. “To have two of them within a span of eight hours is unique.”

The officers' body cameras were on during both incidents. The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office will release the video after their investigation is completed.