OKLAHOMA CITY - In the aftermath of the recent massacre at a Florida school, trauma experts at OU Medicine are offering a free life-saving training to the public. It’s called “Stop The Bleed” and is being held at OU Medical Center.

“Don’t be scared to help somebody,” said Liz Webb. She’s a Registered Nurse and the Director of Inpatient Trauma Services. She is one of the trainers, showing Friday’s group how to use a tourniquet.

“We had two instances yesterday that patients came through our emergency department that this was applied,” she said.

Webb said it happens daily. It could be a car accident or even a gunshot wound where a tourniquet can be used to help save a life.

Lindsey Henson is also a Registered Nurse and Pediatric Trauma Coordinator with OU Medical Center. She said, “You cannot be afraid to get your hands dirty.”

She taught the trainees how to identify a wound, pack it, and apply pressure. “It’s the most important thing at the scene is to stop the bleed. It’s to save a life,” she said.

The program is now being offered free to the public throughout the year by staff from the Trauma One Center at OU Medical Center. Visit www.oumedicine.com/stopthebleed to learn more or request training sessions.