OKLAHOMA CITY - In icy conditions, the call volume goes up for OHP.

“I know it’s going to be a long day, so you just embrace it, get out here and try to stay warm and take care of people,” said Trooper Mystal Perkins.

Trooper Perkins took News 9 along as she patrolled the Oklahoma City area.

Drivers tried to traverse the highways -- not taking it slow enough.

“As you can see, we’re driving here and people still pass us,” she said.

We rolled up on a pickup, left empty and blocking an on-ramp near the Belle Isle Bridge.

Trooper Perkins called for a wrecker and once it was moved, we were on to the next incident.

But on our way there, Trooper Perkins stopped because of a pickup trying to pull a semi with a chain.

“It’s way too dangerous for you,” she told the pickup driver. “If anyone comes around and hits you that’s a bad deal, OK?”

She told the driver to hold off and she’d have ODOT bring some sand.

Then at the I-240, I-40 split, a driver couldn't get enough traction to get his big rig up the hill. And traffic was down to one lane.

The semi eventually backed up and made it up the incline and the scene cleared.

If anyone is considering hitting the road before the roads clear up, Trooper Perkins urges you to stay home if possible.

And if you do decide to travel, be extremely careful.

From midnight until 8 p.m. Wednesday, troopers responded to 85 non injury accidents, 16 injury accidents, zero fatalities and 61 motorist assists in the OKC area.