OKLAHOMA CITY - The State Senate wrapped up a very contentious 2018 budget with across the board cuts to state agencies. 

Fiscal Year 2018 will go down in state history as the year that we saw two special sessions, a tax deemed unconstitutional by the state supreme court, a veto by the governor, and a steady stream of bickering between lawmakers.

The Senate, Wednesday, passed a bill closing out 2018 with almost 2-percent cuts to state agencies. It’s the same bill the House of Representatives passed earlier this week.  But with 29 yeas and 12 nays, it wasn’t a slam dunk.

“We do have some pressing issues on us, I don’t think we should give up,” said Sen. John Sparks, D – Minority Leader, who voted against the measure. 

Sen. Mike Schulz, R – President Pro Tempore, backed the bill. 

“Unfortunately, the reality of it is we are at the end of the timetable in which we can generate revenue to close the gap for the ‘18 budget. It’s time to cut and put a fork in 18 and be done with it,” Schulz said.

Gov. Mary Fallin is expected to sign off on the budget.