Sen. James Lankford spoke out on the need for more extensive background checks.

Lankford said in the case of the Parkland shooter, all the warning signs were there but he still slipped through the cracks and purchase an AR-15 before he pulled the trigger.

In an interview Sunday with Meet the Press, Lankford said it's important for background check to have all the necessary information on them

The issue is not with the AR-15 as a weapon itself but with the wrong people be it criminals or people with mental issues buying them.

"I actually don't think it should be. I think what should be is difficult for any person with any kind of criminal background history, domestic violence, mental instability, all of those things, regardless. I don't care whether they're buying a .22 pistol or an AR-15," Lankford said.

Lankford said he supports a Fix-Nics bill that would provides incentives for government agencies to report criminal and mental the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.