GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - An Oklahoma fire department is short on manpower and is in desperate need of changing that.

The Guthrie Fire Department said its problem is unique since the department handles both the county's fire and ambulance service calls. 

It's not uncommon for these guys to respond to multiple medical calls a day. 

"We had three ambulance calls come out within 20 minutes of each other," Guthrie fire Lt. Ryan Reeves said.

When that happens, Reeves said this eight-man crew is stretched far too thin. 

"Pretty much, we're leaving our city unprotected," Reeves said.

He said last month, firefighters were on ambulance calls when a fire was called out and only two firefighters were able to respond. 

"You really just have to try to protect the exposures, and if there is somebody in the house, you gotta do what you gotta do," Reeves said.

He says these sort of situations are dangerous for everyone involved. In this case, no one was inside, but the home was leveled within minutes.  

Right now, the union is working closely with the City in hopes of finding a solution, Reeves said.