OKLAHOMA CITY - Vendors of the Curbside Chronicle magazine are launching a Valentine's Day special to fight homelessness. Friday, they started selling bouquets of flowers alongside copies of their monthly issue.

You can show the special person in your life a little bit of love, or a lot, with different sized bouquets.

Despite what life has thrown at them, the vendors are all smiles as they hand-select beautiful flowers for the arrangements. The energy they have put into this project is already rubbing off on eager customers.

“It’s all about love this month, and I just think it’s great,” said Mai Nguyen, who bought three bouquets for her friends. “It’s beneficial and there’s meaning behind these flowers.”

Purchases directly benefit the vendors, all of whom are homeless or living on a limited income. They spend most days selling their magazines for $2 per issue to better their circumstances.

“Honestly without the support I don’t think I would have made it this far,” said Donovan Calloway, who has been selling the Chronicle since October. This month he is finally moving into a house.

Last year the magazine's organizers at the Homeless Alliance helped find housing for 39 of their vendors, who had a combined 200 years of homelessness among them. Buyers like Nguyen help make it possible.

She explained, “I’m actually throwing a ‘Galentine’s Day’ for my girls night. I think it’s really important that the girls feel just as loved on Valentine’s Day.”

Bouquets cost $12 for small, $40 for medium and $90 for large, and are of the quality you would find in a specialty store. The materials are sponsored by Oklahoma City businesses The Plant Shoppe, Oklahoma Flower Market, Fowler Automotive, the Cresap Family Foundation and Love’s. The companies, like many locals, are happy to lend a helping hand.

Calloway added, “I know a couple people from Moore and Norman as well that have actually offered to help me out to furnish my house when I move in.”

The efforts on all sides show a generous gesture to spread the love.

The bouquets will be on sale through Valentine’s Day in the Plaza District on NW 16th Street as well as in Leadership Square downtown.