YUKON, Oklahoma - A Yukon mother is sending a warning after she says an online job posting turned out to be too good to be true.

Krista Allen left her job on Tuesday and was looking for a way to make some quick cash to support her two daughters. Yesterday, she logged on to Facebook and searched a job page for Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Allen says soon someone offered her a paycheck of $500 a week for 10 hours of work.

“I don't want anyone else to be taken advantage of,” Allen says. "You're trying to better your situation through honest means and someone is trying to take advantage of that."

On the page, she found a post by a woman named Helena Rose, who sought an administrative assistant. Allen says she thought it might be a good fit or work temporarily. Within two hours, she says she discovered it was a scam.

“Whenever I applied for the position,” Allen says, “I emailed her and sent a copy of my resume, and she informed me that that position was no longer available. My first assignment would be to run an errand in my city, which is weird because she did not specify Yukon, Moore, Norman, what have you.”

Through e-mails, she says she was asked to provide her personal information, a picture of her driver's license, and even her bank account numbers. Allen says she asked the person she was emailing to meet up, but things suddenly took a turn.

“Then I got an email (that said), 'Congratulations, you're hired!' Then I called her out. I said, 'I think it's weird that you're willing to pay that amount of money to someone (who) A, You've never met, and B, you've never ran a background check on."

After a handful of red flags, Allen had enough.

“I called her and I told her she was a catfish.”

She hopes others don’t end up on the hook.

Krista says she has called Oklahoma City Police and she's still searching for a job tonight. We reached out to the original poster but have yet to hear back.