OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma County jurors heard graphic testimony on Thursday during the trial of a Bethany man accused of killing a toddler.

Expert witnesses described the severe injuries Kreedin Brooks, 2, suffered.

The victim’s mother had her head down and even walked out of the courtroom as prosecutors showed the jury photos of the toddler’s extensive injuries.

The family of the victim wants everyone to remember him as a smiling, active two-year-old boy.

On May 18, 2015, the boy was left in the care of his mother’s then boyfriend Dustin Davison.

The jury watched Davison’s recorded interview with Bethany police. He told the detective he took a shower and came out to find the toddler on the floor bleeding from his mouth and nose, he attempted CPR and then called 911.

911 call: “I was in the shower and next thing I know, I come out and there’s blood on the left side of his head...and also his forehead is severely bruised and I think the internal bleeding from the skull went into his lungs.”

The emergency room doctor told the court the boy was unresponsive and died shortly after arriving to the ER.

The medical examiner also testified he found a skull fracture, brain swelling and more than 50 injuries and bruises on the victim’s small body and head.

Davison gave investigators conflicting stories about how the victim’s injuries happened, but the ME ultimately ruled the death a homicide and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

In 2015, the victim’s uncle told News 9, he would like to see Davison spend life in prison.

“Any grown person that abuses a child,” said Mike Sepe, victim’s uncle. “Isn’t worth nothing in my eyes.”

Other family members are in favor of the death penalty. The first phase of the trial will wrap up Friday.