OKLAHOMA CITY - EMSA paramedics responding to an emergency became the emergency Sunday night, when their ambulance was hit by another vehicle and rolled.

Around 8:30 p.m., the two paramedics were running lights and sirens to a call of someone with chest pains. They were going eastbound on Southeast 44th Street near Eastern when a pickup tried to make a left-hand turn in front of them.

The ambulance tried to swerve, but collided with the pickup. The impact caused the ambulance to roll.

“I can’t stress it’s the most dangerous thing we do: driving emergency,” said John Graham with EMSA.

The two paramedics had to be cut from the vehicle and were taken to the hospital. They were treated and released, and are now home resting.

“Lot of bumps, lot of bruises, not feeing super great today, but they’re doing well all in all,” said Graham.

Another crew had to be dispatched to the original call, costing valuable response time.

Fortunately, Graham says accidents like this are fairly rare, but the circumstances that cause them certainly aren't.

“Almost every time we go emergency to a call somebody is not yielding to an emergency vehicle,” said Graham.

Graham also said with all the extras on vehicles and electronic devices, people seem to be paying even less attention.

“It’s always been a problem, but it seems like over the last several years it’s only gotten worse.”

So, EMSA wants this to serve as a reminder to pull over to the right and to stop when you see hear the sirens or see those flashing lights.