OKLAHOMA CITY - New video shows a high-speed chase across Oklahoma City, that left the suspect dead in June.

It began on an early Sunday morning in June, when an OHP trooper tried to pull over Paul Kimble for speeding.

Dash camera video shows Kimble pulling over at first, then taking off.

The pursuit lead law enforcement through downtown to Del City.

Kimble is shown going up to 130 mph, running red lights, and driving against traffic directions.

The 19-minute-long chase ended when Kimble went off Sooner Road and crashed into a tree.

“It's very unfortunate and you know, we hate to see that there's a loss of life in something like this,” Capt. Paul Timmons with Oklahoma State Highway Patrol said.

However, Timmons said many other people could have been harmed.

“It presents a pretty significant danger when you're driving at that kind of speed and especially at night,” Timmons said.

The trooper involved, Roy Smith, was cleared of any wrongdoing, and is now back on duty.

Kimble’s medical report shows no signs of drugs in his system, and nothing suspicious was found in the Dodge Charger he was driving.

Troopers aren’t sure why Kimble wanted to flee in the first place.

Kimble’s mother told News 9 her son was a father, and recently released prisoner, who was trying to turn his life around.

No law enforcement was harmed during the pursuit.

Del City and Oklahoma City Police assisted the troopers.