CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Cleveland County Sheriff has released new video of an inmate who died in January.

The OSBI is investigating the death of 35-year-old Marconia Kessee. The state agency gave the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office permission to release the video of Kessee in jail.

The video shows Norman police driving Kessee into the Cleveland County Detention Center’s sally port. It takes three officers to pull the man out of the vehicle. It appears Kessee refuses to stand, so one officer grabs his legs and they carry him to the intake area.

Once inside, Kessee is placed on a bench and detention officers remove his pants. The man drops to his knees and again refuses to walk. Detention officers grab Kessee by the arms and legs and carry him into another area of the jail.

Cleveland County Sheriff Todd Gibson said in a statement Monday:  

"Even though the OSBI review is still underway, we are releasing these videos demonstrating our commitment to transparency."

It is still unclear how the inmate died.

Before being brought to the jail, Norman police were called to pick up Kessee from Norman Regional Hospital where he was refusing to leave. Body cam video shows the interaction officers had with Kessee at the hospital.

The man’s family believes he did not receive the care he needed.

“He wasn’t called for trespassing,” said Michael Washington, family member. “He was called because somebody at the hospital got tired of him wanting something for his headache that he was never given and we’re not going to accept that.”

The man died only hours after being brought to the jail.

“There is no indication at this time that the actions of the officers contributed to the death of Mr. Kessee,” said Chief Keith Humphry, Norman Police Department.

The state medical examiner will determine how Kessee died.