OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City investigators are working to determine who is responsible for the death of an infant. Police have identified the 4-week-old baby as Willow Rose Shelton. The baby passed away in the hospital Thursday.

Authorities were notified of the abuse on Jan. 25, that is when the 29-day-old infant was taken to the hospital.

“The child had originally been taken to St. Anthony,” said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “But immediately transferred to OU Children’s Hospital because of the severity of her injuries.”

Police said the newborn had obvious signs of abuse – multiple and severe head injuries. The four-week-old infant passed away seven days after being brought to the hospital.

Police have not named any suspects in this case. Investigators still need to determine who was caring for baby Shelton when she was injured and where the abuse happened.

“We know there are several people along the way that took care of this child,” said Knight. “What they are trying to do is narrow down exactly who was watching the baby when the injury took place. Obviously, that person is the person they want to talk to.”

Police said the baby lived in a mobile home park in far southeast Oklahoma City.

News 9 was unable to reach any family members or caretakers for comment.

“A very heart wrenching case for everyone involved,” said Knight. “Especially the investigators who have to work this case.”

Police said once they name a suspect or suspects, charges could be filed in Oklahoma and Cleveland counties.