MOORE, Oklahoma - 16-year old Alex Harris left competitive practice Monday night around 9:30, riding his motorcycle back home, when later he collided with a pickup truck. Police say the driver of that vehicle pulled out in front of the teen, causing the wreck.

“I hit my brakes as hard as I could," the sophomore says. "(I) ended up hitting the back tail-end of the ‘04 pickup.”

Harris says the driver didn’t get out of his vehicle, but four strangers rushed over to help near SE 24th and Eastern Ave. The teen says he was wearing a helmet, but his knee was split open. He says he was covered with a blanket until help got there.

“Fractured knee,” Harris says, “four broken metatarsals, and whole bunch of other stuff. I just want to say thank you for everything that (those strangers) did, standing by my side, calling the ambulance for me, talking to my mother, because I wasn't coherent at all.”

Harris has already been through one surgery and Friday, he'll face another for his foot.

He believes the driver of the truck didn’t see him. Harris’ message from his hospital bed is clear. Drivers need to pay attention.

"Most people,” Harris says, "since they've never actually ridden a motorcycle in their entire lives, they tend to not see the smaller things. If people would just take a second to look and see what is around them, everything would be so much safer and things like this would not happen.”

His Moore cheer family even came for a visit this afternoon. However, Harris won't be able to cheer for the rest of the year. With a fearless smile, he says when he's out of the hospital he looks forward to being back on his feet (and hands).

Police say the truck driver in the case will be cited for the wreck, but there are no criminal charges involving the accident.