OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Public Schools have lost another superintendent, the eleventh to resign since 2000. Aurora Lora stepped down last night, just one week after blasting the school board on social media and less than two years after she was hired.

School board chair Paula Lewis refused to answer any questions after Lora resigned Tuesday night.

"We're done,” a spokeswoman for the board said, walking in front of television cameras. “We're done. We already talked about this. We're done."

Eleven superintendents in 18 years and the lack of communication with parents has Harold Howard scared. He's raising his 16-year-old granddaughter and knows education is her only way out of poverty.

“I get a call from her mother every day wanting to know how's she doing in school," Howard said. "So, in our family, it's very important."

Lora resigned one week after posting a scathing message on social media saying, "I had a really hard day today. When you have eight bosses, there is always at least one that wants to make you feel worthless and who wants to make sure that you feel that you bring no value to this world."

Ed Allen with the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers says "When you go on social media as a superintendent and criticize your employer, there's really no coming back from that."

Allen said Lora made a mistake, taking out her frustrations on social media. But he says, the frustrations, not how she reacted to them, is the problem. He says the district is broken.

"Now, you have a new superintendent every two years," Allen said. "25 percent of your staff leaves every year. How can you be successful?"

An interim superintendent has been named, Chief of Staff Rebecca Kay, but Kay isn't willing to answer our questions on camera. A spokeswoman for the district says the board hopes to have more answers at the February 12th meeting.