CADDO COUNTY, Oklahoma - Charges are coming for a suspect accused of scamming several people with the promise of an elk hunt.

The Caddo County Sheriff is leading the investigation, and says new calls are coming in from victims every day.

At least ten victims have called into the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation alone, but Col. Bill Hale says the total number victims is probably much larger.

Hale says each victim reports giving the suspect anywhere from $1,000 to $2,800 as a deposit.

“The calls I've been receiving mostly involve people who have contacted a guide,” Hale said.

The victims range come from Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas,

Each is promised an Oklahoma elk hunting trip, usually in Caddo, Comanche or Kiowa County.

“They make arrangements to hunt with him this elk season. They give him some money down and they've failed to meet him when the time comes for the initial hunt,” Hale said.

While the victims have trouble tracking down the fake guide after giving him their money, deputies have had better luck.

The Caddo County Sheriff is handling the case and says charges are being drafted for the suspect.

“They feel bad because their family was looking forward to the hunt and they don't get to go now so they're all around depressed,” Hale said.

Hale says hunters can avoid this situation by taking a few steps before handing over their cash to a guide.

“Contact the Better Business Bureau. You can contact some of his clients ask for a list, you can contact his land owners that allow him to sell hunts on,” Hale said.