OKLAHOMA CITY - We are one week away from the start of the regular session for the year and the question on everyone's mind is what will be done to tackle both last year's budget problems and the budget hole for this year. 

When session starts up on Monday, lawmakers will still be tasked with finding $44 million to plug last year's budget hole and then they'll have to find ways to make up another $425 million that the state is projected to be short for next year. 

On the table is the much talked about Step Up Oklahoma Plan. The plan, from a group of state business and civic leaders, has been getting a lot of support from business groups and non-profits as well as from the governor. 

But the real question is will it get support at the Capitol? Lawmakers weighed in on this weekend's Your Vote Counts.

Also wrapped up in this, it's an election year. The latest polling numbers have Republicans taking more blame than Democrats for a lack of leadership on the budget, whether that will have an effect on how talks go forward will be something to watch.