WHITEBEAD, Okla. - A 14-year-old student was arrested after authorities said she threatened to bring a gun to a school in Garvin County. Investigators determined the threat to be verbal only. Friday, there was a deputy on school grounds to help ensure safety.

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said administrators contacted his office after students at the Whitebead School District overheard a student threatening violence Thursday.

“She made a statement that she would bring a gun to school and would start shooting everybody,” Sheriff Rhodes said.

“Then another comment was made that she would shoot people in the office,” he added. “Apparently, she was upset for whatever reason against the office staff. Nonetheless, no reason to make such a comment, especially in today’s times.”

Jessica Youmans has three children who attend the school and said she was notified by administrators that evening.

“I was scared at first,” she told News 9. “Then confusion. How could something like this happen at a school like this? Because this isn’t typical for Whitebead. Whitebead is not that kind of school.”

Deputies made contact with the student and her mother. In a consensual search of the home Thursday evening, Sheriff Rhodes said no firearms were found.

“That gave us some level of confidence that she did not have ready access to a firearm in the home,” he told News 9. “So, with that and the investigation and the threat assessment last night, we believe this to be a verbal threat only.”

The student and her mother went to the sheriff’s office and after an interview, the 14-year-old was arrested for the threat, Sheriff Rhodes said. After her arrest, the student was released back to her mother.

The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office will give their findings over to the juvenile services unit as well as the district attorney. The Whitebead School District Superintendent said they cannot discuss student discipline with anyone except the student’s parent.