MOORE, Oklahoma - Moore Central Junior High confirms there was a single case of a student attempting the new social media stunt, the Tide Pod Challenge, sometime Thursday.

School officials sent a release and voicemail to parents saying:

Dear Parents and Guardians –

You may already be aware that a disturbing phenomenon is circulating through social media called "The Tide Pod Challenge." Apparently, individuals are encouraging others to eat the Tide detergent pods. This is obviously very dangerous and could result in serious injury and even death. Reportedly, this has gone viral on YouTube. We have provided a link to the news report shared on the Today Show on January 13, 2018.

Please take the time to have a conversation with your child about the risks involved. We would also appreciate you reminding your child that Tide Pods should not be brought to school. Thank You

Sixth-grader Chloe Sheriff says the school has been teaching them a great deal about the dangers involved.

“It's really stupid trend to be honest," Sheriff says. "People should not being doing it. It's really dangerous.”

But you don’t have to look far to find a proper warning. On the product's label, in bold print, Tide warns consumers that the product will be “Harmful if put in mouth or swallowed.”

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control issued some of the first reports about detergent pods back in 2012 saying, "Health-care providers should be aware that exposure to laundry detergent from pods might be associated with adverse health effects more often than exposure to non-pod laundry detergents."

Jessica Lewis who has a son in kindergarten says she heard about what happened and never thought people would take an internet-comically trend to this degree.

“I've seen some of the videos that are for pretend on Instagram,” Lewis says, "and people are putting them on pizza or making a shake out of it. That's not helping the situation, but I can't believe that that's something we have to worry about."

Likes, retweets, and page views, kids say, that's what it's coming down to.

CBS News reports, “The pods ingredients include ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and polymers – a highly-toxic mix of detergent meant to wipe out dirt and grime.” Those who eat the pods can experience illness, but, as CBS News story says, it has also been linked to a growing number of deaths.

“They want to be popular on YouTube, social media, and it's pointless," Sheriff says. "You're risking your life for this.”

Moore Public Schools have asked parents to have a conversation with their kids about these products and make sure they aren’t bringing them on campus.

Still, most kids say they know better.

“We just know on our own,” Sheriff says. "I mean, who just goes out and eats laundry packs?"

The school would not release any other details about the incident or concerning the child involved.