OKLAHOMA CITY - An animal lover in northwest Oklahoma City turns a lot of heads each time he walks his pets. At first glance, it may look like herding cats, as fast felines dash around the street. But in no time, the four cats catch up to their owner who happens to have two dogs on a lease.

“They are just like good friends,” says Mark Mulder about his six pets.

Everyday, you can see that friendship on display during their 2-mile walks. It started when Mulder began walking his two beagles and the four cats just followed.

“They are curious and they wanted to go along,” says Mulder.

The pets strolling together puts dog and cat misconceptions to rest. The cats may get distracted but always catch up to the Mulder and the dogs.

“Everybody knows and everybody just watches,” says neighbor Rebecca Miller. "It doesn’t matter if you see it 100 times or 5 times."

“It’s like a big family,” says Mulder. "They stay together."