OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are trying to identify a serial burglar. The suspect targeted three local businesses in November and December, including Rockwell Express. Vijay Gudavardhi’s brother owns the convenience store hit in December.

“They cut the roof,” Gudavardhi said. "They came inside and they got about 200 cartons of cigarettes."

Police say the stolen cigarettes amount to about $16,000 worth of merchandise.

“This is not good,” Gudavardhi said. "We live on this. We earn on this and this is what gives our food."

OKCPD said a Jersey Mike’s restaurant and another convenience store suffered similar losses, likely by the same burglar.

“He's wanted in connection with at least three business burglaries in Oklahoma City that happened last year, ranging from November to December,” Officer Megan Morgan said.

Coming in through the ceiling seems to be the criminal’s preferred mode of entrance. Police say the suspect has done this twice now.

“In two of the burglaries,” Morgan said, "he actually made entrance through the ceiling, and in another, through the front door. He made away with an undisclosed amount of cash."

The suspect is difficult to identify.

Officer Morgan said, "“Unfortunately, in all three of the robberies, he wears a hood and a mask."

Police did manage to get one blurry photo of the suspect from surveillance. They’re hoping someone recognizes the roof-climbing culprit.

"We're just asking that if anybody has any information as to who he is to please call Crime Stoppers,” Officer Morgan said.

Back at Rockwell Express, Gudavardhi is hoping the same.

“I don’t know how they did that," Gudavardhi said. "How could a guy have that much time getting into the store? Cutting the roof and getting in the store you know?”