OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma State representative wants to craft a law making it illegal to put a tracking device on someone's vehicle after he found one of the devices hidden under the bed of his truck.

But passing a law like that is much easier said than done.

State Representative Mark Mcbride found a high-tech tracking device attached to the bed of his truck. He called police and OSBI they tracked it to a private investigator.  He's not sure why the investigator was following him, but he's not happy about it.

So, McBride wants to draw up legislation to prevent this from happening again.

Problem is, police use devices like this to track suspects, sometimes parents use them to keep tabs on their children, companies use them to make sure their drivers are not speeding or driving erratically and most phones have tracking capability.

McBride says the challenge is passing a law to protect privacy without trampling on rights.