NORMAN, Oklahoma - It’s an attack that sent one victim and the alleged shooter to the hospital.

Witnesses say around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, William Ray Adams walked through the doors of Bergey Windpower, trying to kidnap his wife.

According to staff members, two of their own heroic employees weren’t going to let that happen.

“I barely got it loaded before he had the pistol out and raised,” Tod Hanley said. Hanley said he was the second employee to intervene. Moments before, staff say 32-year old Colette Wind was shot in the shoulder by Adams. His wife, and others, called 911.

Caller: Please come to Bergey Windpower. 2200 industrial Blvd. My husband just came in and shot the office manager with a shotgun..

911: The man with the gun, where is he?

Caller: He's on the floor? He's on the floor. He's been shot. One of my co-workers picked up the shotgun and shot him.

Court documents, released earlier today reveal state Adams told investigators he took up to 3 days to plan the attempted kidnapping. He also claims he never meant to hurt any employees.

But those who say they found themselves on the other end of Adams’ gun barrel are amazed to be alive.

Hanley says Adams came prepared and that he was wearing a gas mask, and armed with three guns. When Adams set one of the guns down, Hanley said he took a chance.

“Rather than wait for him to come into my office, I figured I had better odds there. So, I was lucky to walk out at just the right time and not be seen, and get his shotgun,” Hanley says.

Hanley says he thought Adams might be wearing a bullet-proof vest and that’s why he shot towards his face, and it only took about 5 minutes before police arrived.

But injured, lying on the ground Hanley says Adams wouldn't give up.

“He landed with his revolver about 6 inches away from his hand and began trying to grab that. I kept threatening him not to touch the weapon,” Hanley said.

Now, staff are left counting down the days until Colette is out of the hospital.

“Everyone is worried about me, but everyone had so much trauma, and Colette, she is...Feel so bad for her. Just hope they can get things fixed,” Hanley says.

Hanley said the hat he wore Tuesday for the interview, is the same one he had on during the day of the shooting. He calls it his “lucky hat.”

As for Adams, he was also taken to the hospital, but has since been booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center.

He’s been charged with Attempted Kidnapping, Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon, Possess Firearm during Commission of a Felony, Feloniously Pointing Firearm.