UNION CITY, Oklahoma - A third metro school has canceled classes due to widespread illness.

Union City Public Schools made the announcement last night via Facebook. 

Students are out for the next couple of days after a high number of confirmed flu and strep cases which came as no surprise here in Oklahoma. 

On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported 22 Oklahomans had died from the flu so far this season, including four people in the past week and hospitalizations climbed to more than 1,000.

Flu virus illnesses have been so widespread, a couple of other metro schools were also forced to cancel classes. 

Catholic School of St. Eugene made the announcement last Friday with 25 percent of it's student body out sick. 

Union City students are scheduled to return to school Thursday. 

According to the CDC, at least 13 children have died from the flu since October when the season began nationwide.