PERKINS, Oklahoma - With a gun waving in his hands, a teenager made threats to students at Perkins-Tryon High School over Snapchat. The video was created on Wednesday, and police were notified by the high school of this concern.

The teen used foul language, saying he was loaded and ready to shoot everyone at the school. The video circulated quickly on social media, concerning parents and students.

The Perkins superintendent told News 9 the suspect was not a current student at the school.

Chief Robert Ernst with the Perkins Police Department said with the help of Stillwater Police Department and the Payne County Sheriff’s Office, they were able to arrest the teenager on Wednesday evening with no incident. He was found in Stillwater.

Ernst said the suspect is 17 years old. He was placed in a juvenile detention center, but then released on Thursday. It concerned Ernst when this happened, and it was out of his control. Ernst increased patrols at the high school through Friday.

On Friday afternoon, some relief came. Ernst said the teenager had a hearing and was placed into custody again, this time by the court.  He said charges are being filed.

District Attorney Laura Thomas could not comment on the case because the suspect is a minor.