OKLAHOMA CITY - A local tattoo artist is making his mark on a national level.

He is now representing Oklahoma City on a popular tattooing show.

That artist is Frank Ready and he's competing on Spike TV's Ink Master.

He's been tattooing for 12 years but has been around tattoo shops since he was a teenager back when tattooing was still illegal in Oklahoma. Now, he specializes in portraits and black and gray designs. 

He was picked by the show for his talent and personality. He auditioned for the last season with a friend but didn't get picked. So when the Ink Masters called for just him this time, he couldn't say no. 

In the show, tattoo artists compete against each other painting their permanent art into real people in timed challenges. 

The winner gets a $100,000 dollar prize but Ready says the prize is simply having a show that celebrates his art. 

Ready couldn't tell us how far he made it but he did make it past the season's premier. Ink Master airs at 9 p.m. on Tuesday on Spike TV.