OKLAHOMA CITY - One local couple had a special delivery this week. Their baby girl was born right at home early Monday, thankfully with the help of paramedics and firefighters.

Wednesday, the family was reunited with some of the people who helped.

Usually paramedics are helping people in times of crisis, but two local EMTs were excited to participate in their first home delivery of a baby.

“Baby’s starting to come!” new father Ben can be heard saying on the 911 call.

A dispatcher responds, “I need you to get some towels, a shoe string. I’m going to tell you exactly what to do, ok?”

First-time parents Ben and Sabrina got firsthand experience working their way through the early stages of labor, on their own. Sabrina had just laid down to sleep when her water broke, and as they were preparing to leave for Integris, they realized there was not enough time.

“It’s like the crazy plot you hear in the movie, but it’s not something that happens in real life,” said Sabrina.

Part of the problem was a slippery, winding staircase, which Sabrina feared navigating in her fragile state. She said, “There was no way to get me down that little twist.”

Ben called 911 instead, and EMSA EMTs and firefighters arrived within a few minutes.

Ben said, “We thought we were maybe just going to have her be transported to the hospital, but by that point she was so far along it was pretty much time.”

About half an hour later, baby Chloe had arrived, right in the upstairs bathroom.

The paramedics who delivered her, Shannon and Melissa, reunited with the family at the hospital Wednesday, bearing gifts and a special EMSA onesie to commemorate the experience, which was just as exciting for them as Sabrina and Ben.

“This makes my job even more worth it,” said EMT Melissa Chambers. “I love helping people in those crisis situations, but to be able to bring beauty to the world as well is just so helpful and beautiful.”

The proud parents say they learned their lesson.

“Next time when we get that close, we’ll probably go ahead and just be downstairs,” Ben said jokingly.

Sabrina and Ben got to go home Wednesday evening with healthy baby Chloe in tow.