WARR ACRES, Oklahoma - A Warr Acres home was burglarized and ransacked Tuesday but the family who lives there are more upset their family dog, Zoey, was also taken away.

Christy Dixon says the burglary happened sometime after she and her fiance Bryce Brown left for work Tuesday morning. She says the burglar got into the home by shooting out a back window then used used a blowtorch from the garage to burn open the lock of their safe. Dixon says the thief got away with $3,000 they were going to spend on Christmas and their future wedding, but they are more upset by the loss of Zoey.

"She’s a lover," Dixon said, "so I hope they’re not doing anything horrible to her, either. Just bring her back.”

Zoey is a 10-month-old Pit Bull mix, who has one brown eye and one green eye.

“She’s also got an underbite," Dixon said, "a real, bad underbite. And that’s our Zoey.”

Dixon says Zoey also serves as a therapy dog for her one of her daughters, who has anxiety issues.

Warr Acres Police say they are investigating a person of interest who a neighbor says they saw walking Zoey away from the home just after noon Tuesday. That person of interest was wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, a black beanie, and was also carrying a dark blue backpack.

If you have any information about the suspect or Zoey, contact Warr Acres Police.